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Celebrating Life, Luxury and Above All Else... LOVE


How We Work


What is it like to work with Magical Weddings & Events, Co?  What style of communication can we expect?  What's the vibe? How does this work?

First, know that we absolutely love what we do.  We love it hard....We Love who we do it for, who we do it with...All of it.  Love!

We believe that wedding planning and event design is a collaboration on all levels.  First, we talk through the broad strokes of who you are and what you want from your experience. What do you want the event to look like, to feel like?  We start with sweeping gestures; seasonality, the time of day, possible locations. Next, we apply a sensory approach as we begin to explore colors, textures, sounds and smells that you want featured.  Slowly, these elements come together to create an immersive experience that can only be described as utterly you.  

The environment we create together is the most important thing.  We live in a visual society.  What your space looks like matters.  The things people will see and hear, touch and taste matter!  This is where we will start, and where we will spend the bulk of our time.  While we will seek inspiration from wedding blogs, magazines, Pinterest, and Instagram, your wedding must be your own!  And for that reason, some of our designs will be sketched or described, and not seen in real life.  Scared? Don't be!  This is where we do our best work, and it's in these moments that you allow yourself to be delighted and surprised.

Our partners will bring together the absolute finest linens, chairs, and florals.  We set the mood with lighting.  All of the parts come together and establish the whole, working in unison so that walking into your room is like coming home, but to a world that has bent to your will.  

And yet for people to remember this event, and hail it as one of the greatest nights of their lives, we need to plan the day from their perspective.  Once the design is done, we walk through the day as if we were your guest. Every interaction is a touch point.  And so we ask the questions..

  • What are we saying to your guests with your save the date and invitation suite?  
  • How user friendly is your website?  
  • Have we created experiences? 
  • What opportunities do we take to show them they are valued and loved? 
  • How are they greeted, and what are they served?   
  • Have we dazzled them with the food, and surprised them with entertainment?   
  • How do we move them from experience to experience throughout the evening?  

Layer upon layer.  Moment by moment.  Sight to sound, sound to smell, smell to touch, touch to taste.  And there, in the midst of it all, is you.  Surrounded by the people and things you love most. Just as you should be.


Whatever is necessary.


Everything is unlimited; phone calls, emails, text messages, and in person meetings.  Some of our clients are very tech-social, and like to share via Instagram Direct Messages.  Others prefer in person meetings over coffee or lunch.  Whatever works for you is what we will do.  We will have phone calls.  We will have meetings.  We will text, trade, and hopefully play.  This is supposed to be fun, people.  Let's have a good time! 

But let's also respect the work we are doing together.  Communication is constant and comprehensive.  Any inquiries and questions will be responded to within 24 hours. Proposals and contracts will be reviewed and sent to you clean, with utter transparency.  I am here for you, always.  


The world is shrinking, and the very best people are at your fingertips online.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to develop relationships with the most insanely talented creatives.  There is one common thread that we all share; we are obsessed with what we do!

Together, we work as a team.  And that team is always changing based on the style and needs of the client we serve.  As I learn more about you, I will place you with the vendors best suited to exceed your expectations. Trust that each person who joins our team is a master of their craft.

Our creative partners are our lifeline; the back bone upon which we build our events.  Together we share ideas, support one another, and work in a way that allows us to stretch, grow, and create.  We will place you with the right people at the right time, in order to create a just right outcome.  

Have a relationship with someone we've yet to work with?  We will welcome them with open arms.  You trust them, and we trust you!  Therefore, we welcome them to the planning family and are thrilled to have them on our team.



What exactly does all of this cost?

I don't know.  How can I tell you the price of a wedding we haven't planned yet?   The truth is, your wedding (or event!) will cost as much as you'd like it to. 

The weddings and events you see and love here range from $1,500.00 - $15000.00 per person, with the pricing being impacted by the location, the number of guests, menu selections, and your specific taste and style.  With such a broad base, where do we begin?  Some of our clients like to create the event, and we price it based on the dream.  Others come to me with a budget, and we design to that level, always including special little touches that set the day apart from the rest.  

All weddings will receive 3 projections to help you understand the way in which your budget can be allocated. This gives us the opportunity to discuss the business side of things in advance, and allows you the opportunity to ask questions so that you can truly understand where your money goes, and just how much it buys.  We will spend what it takes to create the experience you want, but never more than is necessary.   A wedding is a major investment.  We will look after your budget as if it were our own.


Our team works with a limited number of clients each year, and our pricing is based upon the scope of work that needs to be done.  We structure payments as a management fee ranging from 15% - 20%.  This fee is applied to the overall cost of the wedding. 

Throughout the process you will work directly and solely with Kimberly Gordon and or Sharray Gamell; never a coordinator, never an assistant.  Your connection to Kimberly and Sharray is absolute.  Onsite at the time of your event you will have the full support of the team, with Kimberly and Sharray at the helm and a staff including coordinators, task masters, and representatives from all creative partners.

Travel expenses, administrative fees, and minimums may apply, and will be disclosed for your approval in advance. 


I believe that you make your best decisions when you have all of the information.  Let's have a direct conversation about your investment.  I'll assess what you need, develop and overall budget, and provide you with a custom quote.  And remember, we're just talking, but this is where it begins...